American SAE J531 Taper Thread Pipe Plugs and Drain Plugs

Society of Automotive Engineers

  Square Head at Seaway Bolt Hex Head at Seaway Bolt Hex Socket at Seaway Bolt Square Socket at Seaway Bolt Inside Hex head at Seaway Bolt Slotted Headless at Seaway Bolt Six Lobe at Seaway Bolt
Size Square Head Hex Head Hex Socket Square Socket Inside Hex Head Slotted Headless Six Lobe
1/16 - 27  
1/8 - 27
1/4 - 18
3/8 - 18  
1/2 - 14  
3/4 - 14  
1" - 11.5      
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Pipe plugs and drain plugs manufactured to this Standard are used primarily with assemblies of components for the automotive and transportation equipment industries. As such they are probably the most widely specified and used designs of taper thread pipe plugs.

Available Materials

  • Steel (Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, Alloy)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

Parts may not be produced in all materials noted above.