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Delivering the right part to the right place at the right time.


  • Pipe Plugs & Drain Plugs - High volume, industry standard and modified industry standard parts.
  • Special Long-Length Fasteners - Low to medium volume, long lengths (3" to 60"), threaded and non-threaded, full size and roll size body diameters, custom manufactured to industry standards or your specifications.

Secondaries - Pipe Plugs & Drain Plugs

  • Drilled vents
  • Recessed and external magnet assemblies

Secondaries - Special Long-Length Fasteners

  • Bending
  • Flattening
  • Shank Slots
  • Shank Drilling
  • Saw Slots
  • Washer Assemblies

Tamper-Proof Products

When security is a must.

High speed header machines at Seaway Bolt

High speed header machines

High speed roll threading machines at Seaway Bolt

High speed roll threading machines

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